SSL VPN - Stuck Contacting Server - Retrieving Policies (using port 4443)

M370, 12.6.4 firmware
SSL VPN latest (12.6.3)
Laptop - Win 10 2004, AV disabled didn't make a difference

Used the wizard to setup SSL vpn, setup port 4443, and when we try and connect on laptops using x.company.com:4443 the ssl app just shows contacting and retrieving.... No errors, can I can't see anything in the logs.

We have an SSL wildcard cert for the domain, wondering if that's breaking it? We imported the company SSL cert as General, which states VPN use...

I also tried different older versions of the SSL client.

I have tried 4 different networks including verizon wireless on the laptop - no change

I show that the SSLVPN us using 4443 and it's passing it to the firewall in the realtime monitoring.

We have dual wan's, tried both IP by dns name and by address.

Any ideas?


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