DHCP Issue with XTM 25 not wifi

Watchguard xtm25 2series with dhcp enabled on trusted interface does not assign ip address to clients via LAN or Wifi connected directly to my router.
I want to use it as default gateway for my notebook and phones.

My router's ip is (no dhcp)
Watchguard External Interface subnet
Trusted interface subnet with Dhcp enabled ip range to 0.40
Dynamic NAT Any-External Any-External Any-External

When I connect my notebook through watchguard's LAN trusted interface all works perfectly Ip is assigned correctly through DHCP.

When I connect my notebook directly through router's switch or Wifi no IP is assigned.

What I've missed? Nat? Policy?

Many Thanks


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    Devices on the WG external interface will not get a DHCP IP addr from the firewall.
    With your current settings, devices connected to the Trusted interface will

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