Google Meet

i want to share google meet, however i am falling over a couple of issues:

  1. At meet, Google addresses the remote stations directly via IP:

2021-02-11 17:11:32 Router2018-WK10-UV2 Deny https / tcp 59492 443 .......

so I can not share the target as recommended by google via FQDN.

  1. Google defines the source port in the help but not the destination port.
    2021-02-11 17:11:33 Router2018-WK10-UV2 Deny 19305 / tcp 59491 19305 ...

does anyone have an idea how to define suitable outgoing rules?


  • What are the reason codes for these 2 deny log messages?
    You truncated the log message - so the reason is not shown

    The 2nd deny seems to be covered in Step 1: Set up outbound ports for media traffic:
    "For media (audio and video), set up outbound UDP ports 19302​–19309."

    The 1st deny may be allowed by adding the domain names listed in:
    Step 2: Allow access to uniform resource identifiers (URIs)

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