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a piece of advice, I am in a position to replace a T70 with a new T80, any suggestion to move the whole configuration without having to replicate all the policies?

Thank you


  • ok, but I don't have to import the new key to the old firebox, just export the old configuration to the new T80 after activating it?

    Thank you Bruce

  • Yes you do.
    You need to change the firewall model, & import the new Feature Key - using Policy Manager.
    Read the doc in my link

  • No, you do NOT have to "import the new key to the old firebox".

    You import the new key to the CONFIG you pulled from the old Firebox, not to the old Firebox itself. Save the config as Bruce noted after you change the firewall model, then you import that config to the T80.

    Gregg Hill

  • Opps - sorry about that - new key into new firewall, using Policy Manager.

  • ok, but I have a new T80, so:

    can I activate the new T80 with its license, then save the configuration of the old T70 so that it is compatible with T80 and import everything into the new T80?

    sorry but I'm a little confused, thanks

  • Yes.
    Please read the WG doc on doing this, from the link that I posted above.
    It explains exactly what you need to do.

  • in the wg doc:

    If the new Firebox runs a different version of Fireware OS, update the OS Compatibility setting.

    but the two systems T70 mounts the 12.5.7 while the T80 the 12.6.4, can they be compatible at the configuration level?

  • Did you look at the Policy Manager -> OS Compatibility setting options?
    You will need to change from "12.0 - 12.5.x" to "12.6 or higher"

  • Thank you Bruce

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