Active Directory Firebox IP Address

If the Firebox has multiple IP addresses, e.g. on multiple VLANs, that are capable of reaching the Domain Controller that you configure when setting up Active Directory authentication, how do you select which one the Firebox will talk out of to get to the Domain Controller?

In other words, if I have another firewall in front of the DC, how can I select which of the many Firebox IP addresses will be seen as the source of the traffic to port 389?



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    How many IP addrs does your AD server have ?
    Normally you should not have it connected to multiple VLANs - just to 1 VLAN - as routing issues can result with multiples.
    Depending on where your VLANs terminate, make access from various VLANs to the AD server go via where the VLANs terminate (switch or firewall) and have that device forward the packets to the AD server.

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