Internal Subnet to Use Different External IP address to Default

In a typical Firewall setup all internal IP address use the dynamic nat, and all internal address are presented with the default IP address of the external interface of the firewall.
However I want to have a single subnet not use the default Dynamic nat, and present itself as the next external address in our external range.
I have looked at 1-to-1 nat, but this seems more for a singe device like an exchange server, or if I specify a range it has to match on the external interface.
Any advice, I know it must be possible...

Thanks in advance..


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    Add a Dynamic NAT entry, From: the subnet To: the desired Public IP addr.
    Move this entry to the top of the list.

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    edited February 2021

    Thanks Bruce, I had a play after posting the question, and what I have done; I believe it what you are suggesting.
    I was going to upload an image showing what was done, but it looks like you can't do that on this forum.

    Thanks for responding!

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