Do I need a WSM Server setup and running?

For the past 10+ years we've had two Watchguard fireboxes protecting two different stores with their own ISP connections, so having WSM Server was convenient to manage and monitor two FB's.

We now only have two ISP's being shared by the two companies and one M370 FB with Dimension managing our Logs and Reporting.

I still have a WSM Server running but I don't see a need for it with only one FB running. I don't log into it, I log directly into the M370 or my Dimension.

I only use WSM client and occasionally the WebUI.

Is there a reason I should keep it running, is there a process running in the background I'm not thinking of or can I shut it down and repurpose the box?

If I shut it down is there a policy or two I should remove from Policy Manager?



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    No need for it at this time.
    I can't think of any policy which would need to be removed.

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    Thanks Bruce,
    I just wanted to be reassured I wasn't going to break something I wasn't thinking of.

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