Proxy Authority is blocking Microsoft Teams adresses

Currently I have the problem that my proxy authority blocks addresses from Microsoft. This is an RDS server that wants to connect to Teams.
I thought these are already included in the predefined Content Inspection Exception list?
The IP addresses are as follows:,,


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    You can add a HTTPS packet filter From: Any-trusted To: these IP addrs.
    Make sure that this policy ends up above the current HTTPS proxy.

    If you know the SNI or the CN being accessed which end up going to these IP addrs, then you can add an Allow entry on your HTTPS proxy for the SNI or the CN.

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    @Bruce_Briggs Thanks for the hint.
    But Why do I need a separate policy with the HTTP proxy that appears as Inspect in the Https proxy so that a redirect to HTTPS pages works?
    If I configure this policy also the Teams Client works on the RDS.

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    Many HTTPS sites don't work with Inspect enabled.
    Some of them don't work because they look for their own certificate and won't work with the firewall cert imported into the web browser.

    If you don't know the SNI or CN to allow this access via a HTTPS proxy Allow entry, then you need to use a packet filter to allow the access.

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