Mobile VPN with SSL Client Customization

Hi all, we have multiple T30 Firebox that we connect to using Mobile VPN with SSL client. Does anyone know a way to customize the client to have friendly names for servers or are we stuck with IP address only? I can't find anywhere that explains using customization files with this client. If this isn't possible is there an alternative Watchguard client software that would work? Thanks.


  • You can add entries to the local Windows Hosts file with a name & IP addr, and then use the added names instead of the IP addr in the client connection.
    Similarly, you can use domain names

  • What about using DNS names? eg -

  • is a domain name

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    What do you mean by "friendly names for servers"? You could use FQDNs such as you noted instead of IP addresses, or you could make them more friendly by using something like "" and pointing that to the WAN IP of the Firebox.

    Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

    Yes, you can use an FQDN to help people memorize the name they need. You could use to clarify which Firebox they would connect to, for example, and, etc. I only use FQDNs to connect.

    Put those names into your public DNS.

    Gregg Hill

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