dimension report

M400 v12.6

In the dimension report, there are possible categories, in the dimension, where can we see more detail for "Top Blocked Botnet Sites", "Top blocked Botnet Clients", "Top Blocked Attacks", etc...



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    Exactly what detail are you looking for here?

    For Top Blocked Attacks, go here:
    Search for the attach name. Then select the Signature ID to get more info about that IPS signature/threat.
    Clicking on the CVE link should give more info about the product at risk

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    For example, if i see a CVE-XXXX-XXXX in Top Blocked Attacks where do I find out where it came (IP address) from and to where.

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    Did you click on the attack entry?
    You should see Top Blocked Clients & Top Blocked Destinations

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    Strange it shows up now, couple days ago, the "Top Blocked Clients & Top Blocked Destinations" were not showing up, but it's there now.

    Thank you again Bruce!

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    Dimension only reports on what it finds in the log records for the period selected.
    If there is no data, then that section is not displayed.

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