-2hours delay in leases dhcp start time, why ?

i use the m370 with firmware 12.1.B548280. i accessed it ti with web ui interface.

in the page /dashboard/system?report=dhcp ,
i noticed the started time of dhcp leases client is wrong, there is -2hours delay.
where is this delay coming from ?
In the traffic monitor screen, the time is correct there, no delay.

is this a problem of configuration or a bug ?

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    What is your time zone ?

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    we are in France, paris .
    as i said, one screen show the correct infos timezone, other screen (leases dhcp) shows a datetime without the correct timezone.

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    The lease times shown in the Web UI seem to be GMT times, not the local time zone.

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    can't we change that ?
    what is the useness of knowing the gmt times instead of the local time...

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    No, you can't change this.
    I have no idea why GMT would be used here instead of local time.
    You can post on the Product Enhancements conference for a change.

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