How to connect M270 to router with SIM data connection

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I have an M270 box which is I want to connect to my Draytek Vigor 2862 router. My internet connection is via a 4G SIM card (broadband is non existent where I live) in the Draytek, which has no public IP. I essentially want to give the Watchguard a private static IP from the Draytek (or the current public IP from my 4G connection?) and then use the Watchguard firewall on my internal network, which contains the normal assortment of Amazon Fire TV sticks, iPhones, Android devices and a couple of linux boxes. The plan is to segment the internal network and split out the linux systems and keep them in their own subnet and the wifi connected other devices (connected by Google Wifi) on other subnets off the Watchguard. Is this even possible?

Any help would be great.



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    No reason why this shouldn't work.
    In mixed Routing mode, the subnets behind the WG need to be different than the external subnet.
    Will the wireless devices need access to anything behind the WG firewall?

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    Thanks Bruce.....the wireless devices on the Google Wifi should just need access to the internet via the WG and then out through the Draytek to the web. I just wasn't sure whether the external interface on the WG could have a private IP and still work correctly...as I assumed it would really need a public IP.

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    No issues with having a private IP addr on external.

    "other devices (connected by Google Wifi) on other subnets off the Watchguard" suggested to me that the wireless client were connected to the Draytek, and not behind the WG firewall.

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    Thanks Bruce. Well I'd look for best practice and it would make sense for the Google pucks to connect to the WG. They are currently connected to the Draytek so may change that. Time for some testing I guess. Thanks for the help.

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