Weblocker Cloud or On premises

M400 12.6.1. What's the prefer method for setting up Webblocker. WebBlocker Cloud or On premises? What would be the pros and cons between them? We already have dimension setup on premises.

Thank you.


  • The on-premises WebBlocker Server must be installed on a VMware or Hyper-V virtual machine. Some sites don't have this capability.

    One needs to manage and monitor the local WB server, whereas one doesn't for cloud WB.

    On rare occasions, the cloud WB server won't be available.

    A local WB server should have a much quicker response time than a cloud WB server, which could improve firewall throughput and perhaps web site response times for users.

  • Thanks Bruce. Do you now if we can only configure for Cloud only for webblocker and nothing else from the firebox? Also do we need to add the firebox model in the cloud? What does the cloud see when we add the firebox. Thanks!

  • WB cloud is the default.
    This is just an Internet based lookup service, as is Gateway Antivirus & RED.
    You don't set up anything in the cloud for this to work.
    It is not part of Watchguard Cloud, where you can have firewalls, TDR and Authpoint set up.

    "WebBlocker uses a database of website addresses identified by content categories. When a user on your network tries to connect to a website, the Firebox examines the WebBlocker database. If the website is not in the database or is not denied, the page opens. If the website is in the WebBlocker database and is denied based on the content category of the site, a notification appears, and the website is not displayed."


  • Oh thanks for clearing it up =) i thought i needed to setup the cloud in order to make webblocker cloud work. Thank you as always Bruce for all your wise answers!

  • james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    Cloud is the default option, and as long as you have a feature key for webblocker, it'll work. The firewall does everything for you but set up what categories you want to block there.

    I would suggest using cloud unless you have a specific reason not to. Under most circumstances, the cloud service responds just as fast as an on-premise one.

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

  • Thanks James!

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