problem with stats in firewatch dashboard : wrong information

the dashboard only considers the traffic bandwidth used and forget the free available bandwidth. it produces a problem of consideration, bad information.

here 's a example of the problem situation :

on my screenshot, you can see there is a big block ( a client 10 100 4 139) which looks to use more than 75% of the bandwidth but the tooltips says his traffic in only 33% (6Mb of 20Mb).

The graphic should consider the free bandwidth as a block too, because the graphic gives me the wrong impression about this client activity.
He is not using 75% of the bandwidth at all, he is using 75% of the actual traffic
He is using 33% of the bandwdith so his block should be very shorter, more little.

is there a way to configure the firewatch dashboard to calculate the data by bandwidth occupations (and not by traffic occupations like now) ?

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    Sorry, there is no way to change this.
    You can post for the ability to change this in the Firebox - Product Enhancements section

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