PBR with Subnet

Hi all,

currently i refer to this guide. https://watchguard.com/help/docs/fireware/12/en-us/Content/en-US/policies/policy_based_routing_configure_c.html

i have 2 dynamic WAN IP and one of it is using ddns.
I would like to have 1 specific ip subnet to exit to WAN that use DDNS.

If you follow up the link above. there is step number 3. at most bottom have section:

Select the method to route outbound non-IPSec Traffic
"enable" Use policy-based routing: "External"

is it possible to change that "External" or how to create /set external that profile there? this external have 2 WAN configured.


edit: i am using firebox M200


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    In the example, External is the alias name of one of the firewall external interfaces.
    You can select either of the external alias names in that selection box.

    Note that Policy Based Routing is replaced with SD-WAN starting in V12.3

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