multiple L2TP policies

We have an L2TP connection in place that allows mobile users access to our entire network, and we need to keep that in place for some users, but would like to limit other users to a specific IP address (or range of them) on the network. Evidently not quite sure how to word the question in the search, so I'm not coming up with any guides which talk about this situation. If somebody could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.


  • Options

    Create new groups for these L2TP users, such as L2TP-All and L2TP-Restircted.
    Add user IDs to these new groups as desired.
    Disable the auto-created Allow L2TP-User Policy
    Create policies for these new groups as desired.
    Also all L2TP uses must also be members of the L2TP-Users group.

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