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I've just renewed my watchguard subscription and need to upload my new feature key to my Firebox T10. I've connected to the box and am trying to log into the GUI using the credentials admin/readwrite. These are what I've always used and never had problems before but now I am getting an error message saying 'invalid credentials'. Anyone got any idea what the problem might be and how to fix it?


  • Caps lock on your keyboard?

  • James_CarsonJames_Carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    In addition to what Bruce mentioned, make sure that the webpage isn't cached from an old session.
    -Try clearing your cache. You can generally clear it for the page you're on by pressing ctrl+f5
    -If your browser has the function, try opening the page in incognito mode.
    -Make sure you're on the firebox management page (and not the sslvpn or hotspot page. the url should have a :8080 somewhere in it. By default it'll be
    If you're on another page, like 4100 or 443, it won't let you in there.

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

  • admin/readwrite are the default credentials. The default password should NEVER be used in a production environment. I thought the WSM setup wizard required changing the status and admin passwords. Has this T10 been factory reset, or did you never change the default password?

    Gregg Hill

  • Thanks for the suggestions @Bruce_Briggs, @James_Carson and @Greggmh123 Not caps lock or anything like that. I've never changed the password and wasn't asked to during the original set up. I'm definitely on the firebox management page.

    I'll try clearing cache and incognito mode.

  • :-( Neither of those options worked. If I go for a factory reset then I presume that all the settings I've input will be lost. Given that I had a hell of a job getting the T10 set up with my router/ISP in the first place I am very reluctant to go down this road. Any other suggestions to try first would be much appreciated.

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    Do you have Internet access through the T10? If so, and assuming you have a Windows computer, download and install the WatchGuard System Manager suite (https://cdn.watchguard.com/SoftwareCenter/Files/WSM/12_6_3/wsm_12_6_3.exe) with the default choices. Then run WatchGuard System Manager and connect to the device. Log in with the "status" user name and password.

    Once logged in as the "status" user, you can open Policy Manager and then save the current configuration to a file on your computer. In Policy Manager (PM), click on File > Backup and Restore, then enter your admin password. If "readwrite" doesn't work, that is not your admin password. You may have to do a factory reset. If you have your admin password, you can save a config backup. Have you ever saved a config before? If so, you can factory reset and re-load that config file.

    From WatchGuard System Manager, open Firebox System Manager (triangle icon below the word Help). In FSM, click Tools > Synchronize Feature Key, then enter your admin password. Again, if "readwrite" doesn't work, that is not your admin password.

    Does your "readwrite" password work with either PM or FSM above?

    Gregg Hill

  • Thanks Gregg! I'll give this a try!

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