T20-w with Ap327x

I have a new t20-w with total security. The wifi ssid from it can hardly be received in a building near by with my iphone. The connection is not even usable it is so weak. I have several devices in the building that need to connect to it. I am wondering if a ap327x would be a good solution set up as a wifi extender of some sort. I understand it doesn’t come with any supplied antennas and am wondering if one or more of it’s antenna ports could be fitted with a directional antenna pointed at the t20-w to connect to it and the other ports fitted with omni-directional antennas for devices in that building. If so would the directional antenna get a much better signal than what my iPhone is getting because it is directional? Thanks


  • The t20-w has only one radio I understand. I have 2.4Ghz devices near it and need distance over speed so it is setup for 2.4. I also need 2.4 at the second building. If I put 2.4 directional pointed to the t20-w am I limited to use the second radio at 5Ghz for my devices or do I get both 2.4 and 5 for devices off the ap327x? Thanks

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    You can have both active with an ap327x
    I have a dual band AP300 and have both bands active with multiple SSIDs active on each band.
    And I have a -w firewall model - which does not limit what you can do with an AP.

  • Thanks Bruce, I’d like to confirm if true that I don’t need a wired data connection to the ap327x and I could connect to my t20-w on 2.4 and offer 2.4 and 5 at the same time from the ap327x.

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    Hi @user808 You can mesh with a 327x, but you'll need another cloud AP to be the root node. The T20 can't be the root. I would suggest avoiding this if at all possible, because you're basically halfling your throughput by doing this.


    The antennas on the T20 are integrated on the front sides of it. About an inch or so back from the front on either side. If you can get the device higher and avoid any obstructions, you may get a better signal

    If you have anything you can run backhaul through that isn't going to be fighting interference from everything else, you'll get better results that way.

    (I personally use a pair of MoCA 2.0 adapters over a run of unused coax to get from the Network/Telephone closet to a garage. It adds the tiniest bit of latency but I can pull full gigabit speed over it.)

    [In my experience, if you're going across long clear distances of up to a mile or two, point to point microwave devices work well as backhaul, too.]

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

  • Search for "building to building wireless bridge" to see a number of options.
    I used this a number of years ago between 2 buildings about 1/2 mile apart - which a clear line of sight between the 2.

  • Great suggestions. I was going to run outdoor rated cat 6 wired tied to an existing coax in the air between two poles but I was worried about lightning. I think I’m going to put the cat 6 in the ground. I like the MoCA 2.0 idea though. It’s only a 300 foot run. I don’t know if it is less susceptible to lightning than the cat 6. I guess it could be grounded very easily.
  • james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    Since MoCA uses coax (which is effectively a copper wire in the middle) it'd be susceptible to lightning. You can get surge suppressors for coax and cat5/6/7, but a direct lightning strike is still going to fry just about anything.

    If you're able to power it locally (close to the pole) and you were going to bury something, I'd suggest fiber. Multimode fiber is good for short distance, and it's pretty difficult to transmit electricity over glass. Just some sort of media converter on either end. If you intend on running other things over to that pole, you could even run 10gig fiber to the pole, and break it out via vlans at a switch there.

    Disclaimer: I'm not certified for low voltage wiring installs, would suggest consulting a qualified professional in your area if you're unsure or have questions about anything.

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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