how to have more information about "HTTP Protocol over TLS SSL" ?


my system is the M370 watchguard with 12.1.B548280 release.

On the dashboard, you can see the main applications using the traffic in real time.
Is it possible to detail (itemize) the HTTP Protocol over TLS SSL or even the HTTP application ?

it would be perfect to display the domain names instead of the group "HTTP Protocol over TLS SSL"
i know I can click on it and get the list of IPs destinations, but i have to do myself the "whois" query to know each domain which is in the HTTP Protocol over TLS SSL group :
a very boring and tought task !

thank you for your help.


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    I see a few domain names in my list of Top Destinations.
    Have you set up a good DNS server name in your Network -> DNS/WINS tab ?

    You can get that type of info using Dimension or WSM Firebox System Manager HostWatch

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    i can't see any "DNS/WINS tab " in the web ui interface.
    do you mean the page ":8080/network/dynamic_dns" , i can see 2 interface there with each dynamic dns desable (see screen shot)

    Best regards

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    Network- Interfaces - DNS/WINS

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    ok, i can see we got a DNS, is it the reason of my problem ?


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    That should work.
    Many use Google's instead.
    I still see many domain names listed in Top Destinations.
    Consider opening a support incident on this.

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    i will test the here my screen before the change. you can see it shows some correct name, and over grouped under "HTTP xxxx thing"

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