Configuration changes for V7610 router to be configured on optional interface

We have a client which has a phone/fax router with two FXS1 ports on the router, it's a netgear V7610. We have configured watchguard as default gateway on trusted interface and setup optional interface on eth2 of the firebox this interface will be and connect the v7610 to this interface, network range is /24 and V7610 will be on the optional network and plug router from LAN of optional into the WAN port of V7610. For the phones and fax line to work connected to V7610 policies/static routes will need to be setupm which is the best way to complete this?


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    The firewall knows how to route to 192.1 68.15.2, so no static route is needed on the firewall for this.
    You need to set up the client software that uses the phone/fax router to send to 192.1 68.15.2 instead of the firewall default gateway addr.

    Without knowing more about the client software involved, you may need to set up a VLAN for both data and voice traffic to get the desired traffic to the correct firewall interface.

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