Anyone using TheGreenBow VPN client ?? Any recent user guide for Mobile IPsec ??

I'm using TheGreenBow vpn client (TGB) , because it has a lot of key features, like encryption, setup from a usb key etc etc
Back few years I used a XTM330 and XTM370 , and I was able to establish a Mobile VPN IPsec, and connect from clients by using TGB program
I have recently update my device to XTM470, and eventough I have setup exactly the same MobileVPN IPsec , I cannot connect to it with TGB client
I was able to connect by using another IPsec client (the one on Watchguard support site, but it is a trial ...)
I used the following info found back in 2014 !!

Anyone has any recent config with TGB ?
Feel free to share

Best regards


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