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Hello !
now i am using Firebox Model: WatchGuard M370 with Firebox System Manager Version:12.0.1-B545209
i want to allow user access flowing website with port 50005:

i have add WebBlocker Exception "owp.tax.gov.kh:50005/" and HTTP Proxy Exception"owp.tax.gov.kh:50005/"

but website still cannot access is show this error:
2019-04-19 10:14:05 Deny 50005/tcp 63632 50005 2-E2 0-E0 Denied 52 126 (Unhandled Internal Packet-00) proc_id="firewall" rc="101" msg_id="3000-0148" tcp_info="offset 8 S 646583338 win 61690" geo_dst="KHM" Traffic


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    You need to add a custom packet filter for TCP port 50005 and add that as a policy
    Remove the WB exception.

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