WAN Connectivity Problem

We have a T15 connected to our ISP using PPPoE. Every day we have to power down the site, and when we turn back on, the Firebox do not acquire an IP from the ISP. So I have to unplug / plug the WAN cable, it gets an IP and works fine the rest of the day. I called the ISP and everything is fine from their side. Any suggestion to fix this issue?



  • My guess is that it takes the ISP device longer to boot up and be ready to provide and IP addr than it takes the T15 to boot up and look for an IP addr.

    Why do you need to power off both of these devices every day?

  • The device is located in an isolated area without electricity, so they need a power generator. At the moment, they decided to power off in a daily basis.

    Any suggestion to fix this issue?


  • The only automated way that I can think of is to schedule a firewall reboot some time after power is restored.
    Otherwise it is a manual task

  • We fixed the issue installing a small, low cost router between the Firebox and the CPE.


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