Host sensor enforcement not always activated


M370 running 12.6.3

I have 2 M370 clusters where i have the same problem. If i go to sslvpn configuration and enable Host Sendor Enforcement (this is for AD authentication), i activate enforcement for a specific group - click OK. If i then return to the same sslvpn configuration page the tick in Host Sensor enforcement is missing.
If i save this configuration Host Sensor Enforcement is not enabled.

On the other hand, if i go sslvpn configuration, enable Host Sensor Enforcement for a group, click OK and save the configuration to the firebox, Host Sensor Enforcement is enabled.

But next time i am in the sslvpn configuration settings, even without changing anything, Host Sensor Enforcement is disabled once again.

Looks like Policy Manager defaults to remove Host Sensor Enforcement ticks in the sslvpn configuration when you enter the settings page, at least for AD authenticastion groups.

Again, this is for 2 different M370 clusters with different configuration applied. Both running 12.6.3, but if i recall correct this issue was also present in 12.6.2 U3.


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