Action, Mark as Trusted, remains on 'updating configuration' interminably.

An AP300 became untrusted on a T30-W, sometime during a 3 day period. I read that upgrading to 12.4 will not support the AP300 controlled by the the GWC. BUT 12.5 says that it WILL allow the GWC to control the AP300.

THE GWC WILL NOT APPLY CHANGES IN CONTROL OF AP300, such as altering the list of forbidden client MACs. I assume this is due to the documented 'trust's feature, which does not permit GWC control of untrusted APs.

So, how can I get the ACTION, MARK AS TRUSTED, to finish updating the configuration, rather than just saying, 'updating configuration', forever. Trying to reset the AP to factory defaults yields, 'this device is not available for this action'.

If I use the manual reset on the device itself, will my configuration for it remain in the Firebox, and get picked up by the AP300? Or should I make a backup image of the T30-W, and restore it after the AP reset?

Thanks for the help. The wifi is working, but without layer 2 acls, it's really a lot more work.

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    james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative
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    Hi @awesome14
    You won't be able to upgrade the AP as it won't be supported, but GWC will still manage it on newer versions.

    There are some bugs on the older GWC versions, so I'd suggest upgrading the firewall to get past those. You'll still be able to manage the AP300.

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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    Q. Is configuration of an AP using the GWC a 'paid' feature?
    A. no, however there has been conflicting info from WG related to the ability to manage an AP which no longer has an active support license.
    My current understanding is that one can still see old APs in GWC, but one can't change their settings (ie. manage them) once the AP no longer has an active license, which would include EoL APs.

    Some/many sites choose to use non-WG APs.

    Newer WG APs have the option of being managed from the cloud or from GWC. There are 3 different purchase options for APs now.


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    I apologize for not being clear. No changes were made to either the Firebox or AP. One day I was able to manage the AP300 with the GWC. A few days later, it was impossible.

    I would just like to know possible causes, and what can be done to fix the issue.

    Recently, the 'pay' features, which I don't use, expired. Since throughput is slowed too much, none were active.

    Is confiiguration of an AP using the GWC a 'paid' feature? If so, and the AP lacks direct access, wouldn't it make more sense to use APs with a direct user interface (non-watchguard), with Watchguard security products.

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