[Suggestion] Make "Traffic Dimension in column mode"

Dear WatchGuard,
I just make a decision switched from FortiGate FW to your WatchGuard Firewall.
When using Traffic Monitor for troubleshooting jobs, I have hard time to scroll up/down, left/right to read the content of the logs because the proxy policy contents is very long and too many characters and they are sticky together.
Would it possible that you make the Traffic monitor logs in separate column and separate row like others did?
Thank you WatchGuard.


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    Jason_VendraminJason_Vendramin WatchGuard Representative

    If you're using WatchGuard Cloud (included with Basic Security Suite or Total Security Suite), logs are displayed in a tabular format in Log Manager.

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    edited April 2019

    I don't use WatchGuard Cloud because my suggestion is for Traffic Monitor.
    Please consider the option tabular format for Traffic Monitor.
    Thank you for your kind comment anyway.

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    RalphRalph WatchGuard Representative


    If you have limited Traffic Monitor real estate, you can hide parts of logs that you're not interested in by changing their display colour to black. Right click / Settings / Traffic Monitor tab.

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