Watchguard TDR or Panda Adaptive Defense

Just curious if anyone can give some insight on one product over the other.
I am in process of moving away from Symantec (Broadcom SUCKS!) and looking at replacements. I currently have watchguards and use TDR along with DNSWATCH. I came across Panda's offering via Watchguard and started to look up functionality and pricing. Any comments on Using TDR and DNSWATCH with Panda Endpoint protection plus, or would it be better to drop TDR and go Panda Adaptive Defense 360?


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    John_NortonJohn_Norton WatchGuard Representative

    Hi Phil,

    The **best **protection would be with AD360. It combines the endpoint protection of EPP+ with zero-trust anti-ransomware functionality along with deep endpoint telemetry for Windows, MasOS, Linux and Android. You can still utilize DNSWatch for phishing protection and education while behind the firewall-- you can also run TDR and AD360 together for multi-layer protection.

    If you are looking for a lower cost option to simply replace SEP, EPP+ will give you the AV with local firewall/HIDS and you can continue using DNSWatch and TDR for advanced zero-day protection.

    I suggest contacting WatchGuard sales for a demo to go over the features and options available.

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    I know I'm a little late in answering this, but I too was a long time Symantec Gold partner / reseller, and Phil is correct - Symantec and now Broadcom are now painful to deal with both as a reseller and a customer. As a partner, I'm not allow to sell licenses unless I specifically have a quote from them, which can take anywhere from 3 hours to 3 weeks to get back. I also think they purposely aren't sending renewals to customers or customers on time because they implemented new rules that they will not renew / upgrade anything already expired, which means that forces you into a new subscription at a higher profit margin on their side. And the Broadcom support portal is horrendous to navigate, and the current versions of SEP have seen more than their fair share of bugs.

    I'm currently moving all my clients from SEP to Fusion 360 + Panda Patch Management as their Symantec licenses expire, and I've been extremely happy with the outcome. Yes Fusion 360 + PMM is more expensive, but you are getting a more robust solution with some RMM features built in (via the Fusion 360). About the only real things you need to ensure is that the machine is rebooted after the install (which automatically removes SEP) otherwise the machine is almost unusable, and that you have your TDR exceptions in place.

    If you are just looking for a plain old SEP equivalent, Panda EPP will do (generally at a better price point too). Panda EPP+ will cover your on-prem Exchange servers too if you have any. And you can always add PMM as an optional license to either EPP or EPP+. Well worth the money! I thought we were doing a very good job staying on top of patches, but I found stuff with PMM I didn't even know about at some sites.


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