Upgrade needed???

I'm running a Firebox T10 on my home network. I use one subnet for the house and the second for work. In the past few months I've noticed the house subnet often has issues accessing IPv4-based websites (no problem with IPv6 addresses) and my WiFi is in shambles. However, if I bypass the Firebox, some of the problems go away -- I can reach the Comcast Gateway while I cannot access the WiFi that's behind the Firebox.

I'm running mainly Win10 systems (some game systems for the kids, one Linux laptop plus cell phones) -- about 30 devices in total. I have three questions: Has the T10 simply run out of gas to handle WiFi 5/6 and would an upgrade to the T35 solve the problem? If I upgrade to the T35, can I just copy over my configuration file from the T10 and use that? I'm no network engineer -- I just write about them.


  • A T10 has always been a tad underpowered. I'd recommend a trade-up to the T20, not a T35. My T20 is easily as fast as my T35, maybe even faster. What do you use for WiFi? I use Ubiquiti UniFi wireless access points and I have no issues, but I also don't have 30 wireless devices.

    You can copy the config to the new Firebox, change the feature key, then save it.

    Gregg Hill

  • A T20 is a much newer device than the T35.
    If the T20 specs look good enough, it will have a longer supported lifetime than the T35.

    Here is the comparison for a T10, T35 & T20:

    Not sure why the comparison tool suggests that the T20 is only good for 5 users... I'm using one wit no issues.
    And as Gregg said, the T10 was always under powered.

  • I have a similar configuration at home, work network, camera vlan, guest vlan, wife work vlan ........ and it was running on a T-10.
    It worked but my Internet struggled even though I had the fastest speed I can get at home.
    Then I upgraded to a T-20 and boy-howdy did that make a difference. Even with all the scanning and DPI I actually had a speedtest.net result of over 700mb / sec download. Pretty impressed.

    • Doug

    It's usually something simple.

  • IF for some reason you DO want a T35...DON"T buy one! Get a T40 instead for the same price.

    Gregg Hill

  • I have a T35 and T40.. The T40 is light years ahead of the T35 in terms of real world performance.. I don't have a T20, but I have heard nothing but good comments from people that have them..

    Adrian from Australia

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