SSL VPN Very Slow when Connected

I have a user who is on the other side of the country that is the only person having this issue. We have a couple users in Europe who do not so I do not believe it is distance related. Basically, when the User is Connected to the SSL VPN, he is getting 2.94Mbps down / 2.98Mbps up. When Disconnected, he is getting 292.9Mbps down / 41.1Mbps up. He can connect to the IKEv2 VPN and get the full bandwidth however they are on a domain so it breaks his connection to the domain network drives. SSL VPN is preferred.

SSL VPN installed is 12.5.3. Reinstalling the VPN did not resolve the issue. The only thing that did work before was allowing all traffic through the VPN however they are on a domain and one of the applications they use broke when we did that change so we had to revert it.

I personally feel that it may be an issue with the ISP but they are not able to give him any definitive answer and I do not know which settings if I can get into his modem that may help resolve this issue. SSL VPN works for every other user in the company. But again, this user is on the other side of the country so different ISP. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Since allowing all traffic through the VPN seems to resolve the issue, perhaps this is a timeout issue where some traffic is going out the non-SSLVPN connection, and no response happens.
    One possiblity is DNS requests which should go over the SSLVPN connection are instead going out the normal ISP connection, then time out, and then go over the SSLVPN connection, or vice versa.

    One can see the DNS settings for the SSLVPN connection using a command prompt with:
    ipconfig /all

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