After connecting XBOX to Firebox

Have multible notification from Dimension;
Using T35 (12.5.4.B622768).


Appliance: T35
Time: Sun Nov 15 12:39:50 2020 (CET)
Process: http
Message: Policy Name: HTTP-proxy-00 Action: ProxyBlock: Reason: HTTP AV scanning error Source IP: Source Port: 51966 Destination IP: Destination Port: 80 error: Object ((gzip)) Corrupted host: path: /12/99c53b4b-0bee-4c94-9b35-e726abaca5c7/b64c7575-1afc-4398-b09a-22d8a3762706/


  • Add a HTTP packet filter for your Xbox.
    From: To: Any-external
    Make sure that this policy ends up higher up on your policy list than the current HTTP proxy policy.

    If you also have a HTTPS proxy policy, you may need to add a HTTPS packet filter for your Xbox too.

  • james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    Like bruce mentioned, a packet filter is probably going to be your best bet.

    The Firewall is going to attempt to decompress any archive that it comes across (zip, tgz, rar, etc) - if it's unable to, it'll throw an error and follow whatever the error action is in that proxy for GAV. It's unlikely that the firewall will be able to recognize anything the firebox does download.

    I would suggest keeping the XBOX on a different subnet that doesn't have any access to your main network, so that if anything did happen, all it would be able to do is contact the outside world.

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

  • edited November 2020

    Thanks will try it out, have also tried to use expetion, but I cant see if it helped. I using Xbox on dedicated interface (10.03.x and dhcp) . The Xbos have updated and upgraded, and there was lots of downloads, so it was busy for some while, mean time I received all these Firebox and Proxy attempts checking gzip.

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