VPN Connection Logging

What are the capabilities for logging of mobile VPN connections? Can connects and disconnects be logged (with IP address)? I haven't found a place to configure that.
T55 (v12.3.1).



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    In FSM Traffic Monitor -> right click -> Event Notifications, you can select
    user log on and off log records, and set them to Notify

    The following are from the Log Catalog:

    2500-0000 SSLVPN Login
    2500-0001 SSLVPN Log off

    5B01-0005 L2TP Delete user session

    3E00-0002 User Login succeeded
    3E00-0004 User Logout
    Unfortunately you will also get "Management user [email protected] from"
    accesses an user authentications logged with the above log record IDs set to Notify and .

  • Thanks for the help - is this one of those things that can only be done from the FSM? I find the webUI easier to use so rarely open the System Manager. Also, even though we're using SSLVPN, I don't see events 2500*. As you mention, the 3E00-002 includes management logins so not an ideal solution without the 2500- events.

  • AFAIK, only via FSM

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