WatchGuard Firebox M370 Pixellot Camera

Hello first time here my name is Philip. I work at a school who are having the vendor come out and install two Pixellot cameras. The camera's have a attached controller or computer . The vendor has asked that I whitelist some ports. I'm hoping that I'm understanding their terminology. I believe they are asking for the ports to be opened.
I have read documentation that talks about port forwarding and SNAT. If this is the correct process wont I need the IP addresses' of both of the cameras first before I can set up port forwarding? Common sense says yes please forgive the question but I'm not 100 % clear on what they are asking and they are not the best in responding to my emails. Before I continue i will include the port list so that I have all of the details for your review.
If you would prefer you can email me directly at [email protected]
PS- I'm suppose to have this done by Monday so any help anyone can provide will be a giant help to me. If you want include a link to the correct process for me.
Thank you my fellow Techies

Make sure the following ports are open.

No inbound firewall rules are required. No services will ever connect directly to the host. However, to publish
video and manage the server, we need these ports open for outbound traffic to all IPs:
Port. Protocol Purpose Application
1935 TCP Video#streaming RTMP
443 TCP Remote#Management https,#agent
4444 TCP Performance#Monitoring
123 TCP+UDP Clock#synchronization NTPSclock#sync
80 TCP Event#control#(stop#/#start) RabbitMQClient (Coordinator#in#Production)
2077 UDP Video#streaming ZIXI#broadcaster
2088 UDP
53 TCP+UDP DNS#Name#management
1401 TCP Sportzcast (Score#data#integration#tool)
1402 TCP
1403 TCP and#all#subdomains.


  • If you have the default Outgoing policy in your config, then all of these outgoing ports are already open - so nothing to do.

    SNAT is for incoming connections, and the above says "No inbound firewall rules are required. No services will ever connect directly to the host."

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