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Our Firebox T15 was installed and configured by the vendor tech, who is notoriously difiicult to get hold of. We recently moved to a new office so we have a new static IP address. I'm trying to connect to the Firebox to make that update, but it's not being found on the network at Haven't even been able to get to the point of learning that I have no idea what the credentials are (I may or may not have them).

I hope I'm just overlooking something in the documentation, but I don't find anywhere else to look. Does anyone have any ideas how I can make this connection?

In case it helps, here's an approximation of the physical connections:

Cable --> Cable modem --> Firebox --> Switch --> Server and PCs
(The cable modem also has some connections bypassing the Firebox, to keep a subtenant off of our company network.)


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    Make sure that you use HTTPS (not HTTP) to the firewall IP addr to get the Web UI.

    Also verify that your PC default gateway is, which is usually the firewall trusted interface

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    I assume I can do this from my workstation (although I've had the problem both there and connecting from the server). Default gateway is actually, so I'll try tomorrow (have a meeting tonight and just leaving the office now). It's been too many years since I've been responsible for this sort of thing!

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    "We recently moved to a new office so we have a new static IP address."

    Do you also have a new LAN subnet? It seems like the gateway changed from to, or you just had it wrong in your first post. Your first test should be to ping the gateway IP, get a response, then open a cmd prompt and run "arp -a" and look for that gateway IP and its MAC address. Does the MAC address match that of the actual firewall? If so, you know you have the right device and IP

    If you do know the actual previous LAN IP of the firewall and it does not match your current subnet, you can connect a desktop or laptop directly to its Trusted interface, usually Eth1, and set an IP like on the computer, then access the firewall at address.

    Gregg Hill

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    Just to let you know I looked at it, the Subnet Mask IP Address reported by Comcast is the same for both locations, as is the IPv6 static address; it's just the IPv4 addresses that have changed.

    However, through additional trial and error I've concluded there's a problem with the physical hookup -- when I bypass the Firebox I have no problem with Internet access, but have none when it's connected. About to go make sure the cables are both good, but will lose Internet in the process so will report back afterward.

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    Okay, not a cable problem.

    Without the Firebox involved, I connect the cable modem directly to the Linksys switch. When inserting the Firebox, I connect the cable modem to the WAN (left) port on the Firebox, then connect the Firebox to the same port as before on the switch. This appears to be in line with the diagram in the manual. Both cables work in the direct connection, so I know they're not the problem.

    Working out logical next steps, but any other suggestions are welcome! As I say, I've been out of the networking world for several years and I easily could be overlooking something obvious.

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    Making progress. Part of me feels like a complete idiot -- apparently when our contractors were fixing a hole in the wall and they moved the shelf they managed to turn the power off on the Firebox!

    I can now connect to the box (using and just have to figure out the credentials to log in. Don't think the tech left me those -- I just have the VPN instructions (I'll double-check, just to be sure) -- and none of the other passwords work so it looks like she (properly) used a different one.

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    Continuing the saga...

    Since I don't have the admin password I did a system reset of the Firebox, waited three times as long as they said before all the indicators were showing properly, and now there again is no access. Tried both IPs and verified the new one, but now I don't get to the login screen. Sigh!

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