I can't ping the gateway of my second WAN. Do I need to reboot? I'm using m4600.

Hi Community experts.
I recently added an external connection on port 6 with the static IP and gateway provided to me by the ISP. The primary connection I'm using is on port 0. Upon joining the interface to the multi-wan and using round robin, i see no traffic in the new interface. I did diagnostics and tried to ping the gateway. The response was "destination unreachable". I looked at the ARP table and the entry for the gateway IP has MAC address 00:00:00:00:00:00.
I took my laptop and made it as host temporarily just to confirm the ISP connection and I did get some speed testing.
Should I reboot my firebox to fix this issue? I have broadcast stream routed to my other interface and would not want to have an interruption.


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