FireboxV VPN Performance ?

how does underlaying Hardware/Software effect VPN performance ?

  • CPU instruktion set ? eg. AES-NI
  • Vmware vs Hyper-V
  • Physical Nic with 3DES acceleration ?
  • any other ?
  • are all VPN methods using multicore/multithread ?



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    james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    Hi @Norman
    On a PC itself, we do not test what speeds each of those features/settings/environments get.

    The biggest factor will generally end up being how many threads the firewall will allow (how many CPUs it'll use.) This is controlled by licensing, and the selected size of the firewall (small, medium, large, etc.)

    You can see the published speeds in the VPN column of the datasheet here:


    If you'd like to test drive FireboxV, your sales rep should be able to help get a trial license for you to check it out.

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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    in the meantime I did some testing
    ( M300 <--> FireboxV ) direct connected
    endpoint 1. behind M300 ( NAS with ramdisk )
    endpoint 2. behind FireboxV, connecting to SMB share on endpoint 1.
    what i found:

    • on vmware 6.0 fireboxV was way faster then on hyper-v ( test with AMD GX-415 SOC )
    • Routing & VPN AES128-GCM running fine on that slow cpu.
    • litte better vpn performance with 4core. ( about 350 mbit/s )
    • with xeon L5640 about 500 mbit/s VPN , allmost no benefit from adding cores.

    when I find time , i will test with differen tool,ramdisk and 10Gbe setup

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