M270 at firmware version 12.6.2; but only 12.5.4 available to download from WG

Was looking to see if there are any FW updates for a M270.

When I checked, I don't see the 12.6.2 version my box is running (Only 12.5.4)

I installed 12.5.3 April/24/2020, and then 12.6.2 on 8/15/2020

Did I somehow install a incorrect FW version, or was the 12.6.2 taken back out of release, or is the website just missing the latest?




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    From the Latest Software Releases section on the software downloads page:

    NOTE: On 25 September we released an updated version of WatchGuard System Manager. WSM 12.6.2 Update 2 replaces WSM 12.6.1 Update 1. Updated Fireware v12.5.5 and v12.6.2 software will be posted soon to replace earlier software that we released, then retracted because of several issues that negatively affected some users.


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    Also see this article:

    Fireware v12.5.5/v12.6.2 temporarily unavailable for download

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    ....not meet WatchGuard’s standards of quality, based on the number of reported issues...

    Yep! Thought I was going nutty. Glad it aint me (well at least not this time)

    Off to downgrade-vill

    Thanks Bruce!

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    @Bruce_Briggs said:
    From the Latest Software Releases section on the software downloads page:

    Yep.. Clear now that you pointed it out :-) But in my defense... my brains a frazzled pile of goo from my many dealings with vendor frazzled software releases.

    Again, thanks for the reply!

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    james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    Unless you're running into a problem with the 12.6.2 firmware, there's no need to downgrade. Most of the issues customers report revolve around DHCP not properly working.

    If you are running into a problem, I'd suggest opening a ticket with support, as they may be able to provide a build that will fix the specific problem you're running into without the hassle of downgrading.

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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    Hi James

    I'm not using the box's DHCP for anything (other than assigning IP on firebox inbound VPN connections)

    I've opened a ticket on the issues I've seen. Will post any feedback


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    mboscolomboscolo Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    WatchGuard has posted to the General downloads pages both v12.6.2 U3 and v12.5.5 U1, which resolves the software problems introduced in the original release.

    We recommend reviewing the release notes for a list of all issues which have been fixed in this release.

    Mark Boscolo
    WatchGuard Representative

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