WAN diversity using neighbor's connection

We have two customers who require diversity on the WAN side. They already have a dark fiber linking the two buildings. "West" customer has an XTM200 soon to be clustered and i am aiming to deploy the equivalent in current watchguard equivalent at the "East" customer.
The two customers have the same owner but evolve in different businesses. In order to save on the recuring costs for the internet connections they would like each of them be the backup link for the other.

Both customers are using the same ISP and both require static ip addresses so i assume that even if they have different transport routes, they may require to be on the same gateway on the ISP side, that is something i will look into with the ISP.

I am a beginner with Watchguard products, and I am looking at suggestions on how this can be acheived, with the watchguard equipment i have in hand. The following diagram show how the physical interconnection is setup.

  • Is it possible to perform with the equipment i have?
  • Anyone can give me some hints or pointers?

Thank-you in advance

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