4G Dongle Support

Hi Guys,

The support of 4G USB dongles is very limiting to the point of being useless.

A lot of 4G dongles now load up as a Remote NDIS device/its own network interface, (think WAN DHCP connection), yet the 3G/4G modem support within Fireware still expects us to provide a Dial in number which is not required with newer dongles.

Can you please work on the USB modem software so that we can set the mode to just accept whatever IP address the dongle assigns.

I know that I'm making this sound simpler than what it actually is, but with everyone WFH and 4G solutions/failover options accelerating in adoption, I really feel that WG are lagging behind in this area. (Cyberoam CRWING25 is able to do this with no configuration required - tried to replace with a Watchguard T15 but couldn't get the dongle to work).


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