Interface Errors on M200

Anyone notice that they have a good amount of interface errors on the M200 platform. We started looking into a packet loss issue on one M200 cluster and noticed a lot of interface errors on multiple interfaces. This prompted us to look at all our M200s and we see a consistent trend of interface errors on multiple interfaces on the M200 boxes. If we look a M270s they are literally zero across the board. Curious if this is a known issue that may have been fixed in newer firmware. We are running 12.3.1 to 12.5.2 on the various M200s that we support. Have about 25 of them.


  • On what interfaces?

    Perhaps this?
    Firebox M200/M300 performance issues on interfaces 3-7

  • Bruce! So good to hear from you. Yes that sounds juicy. Going to dig deeper.

  • In this case the issues are actually on eth0, eth1, eth2 so not quite the same. We are going to open a case and report back.

  • The only thing I see related to those interfaces is that they do not support 10/100 half duplex.
    Let us know what you find out.

  • The 3 interfaces are auto negotiating with 3 different pieces of equipment (different manufactures) at 1GB Full Duplex. We got the case (01431406) open now. The packet loss to the external IPs is .22% which does not seem like much however we would like to get it as close to zero as possible.

  • .22% seems high to me.

    My eth0 RX errors at the moment is 0.00000197912, on a T20w

  • Yeah something is not right in this situation. If it was one interface to one piece of hardware I would be more focused on what is on the other end of the wire. Since it is happening on 3 interfaces connected to 3 different pieces of equipment from different manufactures I am focusing more on the WatchGuard side.

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