ftp proxy

M400 12.6, there is a ftp proxy for port 21, is there a ftp proxy for port 22? how do you recommend setting up to allow secure ftp in the firebox to get extra protection like the ftp proxy port 21?

Thank you.


  • You can create a Custom policy and select Proxy - then FTP and specify TCP port 22.
    No idea if this works or not, but it is worth a try.

  • Thanks Bruce, I did create it and that works, however it does not have the extra layers of security settings like maximum user name length, gateway AV, APT blocker, etc.. as if if you were using FTP proxy for Port 21. Just wonder how is everyone doing it for better security when using port 22 for FTP

  • Are you sure that you selected Proxy on your Custom policy setup?
    I see GAV, APT Blocker, maximum user name length etc. for both FTP-Client.standard & FTP-Server-standard
    I'm running V12.6.2 Update 2.

  • ah silly me! You're right. Thank you again Bruce!

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