How to troubleshoot Client disconnects

XTM525 running 12.1.3. Clients running Mobile VPN SSL client 12.5.3.
Occasionally I get reports from my remote VPN users that they have been disconnected from the VPN. When the VPN disconnects the VPN client does not close. They just sign back in to the VPN client. I have multiple other users on the VPN at this same time and no reported issues from them.

The VPN Client logs on macOS do not appear to have real timestamps so its hard to troubleshoot and correlate disconnects with log messages.

I have one client that I can see the below in their client logs but not sure what it means. Is this on the firewall side or the client side?

LOG:1600868808,,MANAGEMENT: >STATE:1600868808,CONNECTED,SUCCESS,,,443,,51072
LOG:1600879593,N,Connection reset, restarting [-1]
LOG:1600879593,I,SIGUSR1[soft,connection-reset] received, process restarting
LOG:1600879593,,MANAGEMENT: >STATE:1600879593,RECONNECTING,connection-reset,,,,,
HOLD:Waiting for hold release:5

Getting configuration from vpn.badgley.com
getConfigFromFireBox terminated with status: 0

Why is this resetting?


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