PXE Boot over DHCP Relay VLAN interface

I have the problem that the DHCP requests not forwarded from Subnet B to DHCP server because the Firebox is sending blocked traffic from DHCP server to Subnet B default gateway. I have all configured DHCP Relay policies of port 67 TCP/UDP and 68 TCP/UDP.
I dont know at the moment where the failure is.


  • You do not need to add DHCP policies to do a DHCP relay, you need to add DHCP relay to a firewall interface - select the Use DHCP Relay radio button and add the DHCP server IP addr

  • Hi Bruce thanks for your answer. But I think I have mispronunced to this topic. At the moment I have a DHCP Relay. The problem is that the tarffc is blocked for port 67 although there is a policie that sould allow the traffic for port 67.

  • If these are broadcast packets, then you will see denies for them in your firewall logs.
    XTM normally will deny all broadcast packets that hit a routed firewall interface.

  • How can I fix that if all broadcast packets will deny?

  • All you can do is to add policies to not Log the denied broadcast packets.
    For example, I have a DHCP Server packet filter, set to Denied, From: Any-external To: Any, with Logging not selected. This stops the logging of DHCP/BOOTP packets coming in on external

  • Thanks I will try it.

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