1to1 nat internal ips uses primary external

m270 on 12.5.4

mixed routing with multi-wan failover

ip block on external-1 interface has a bunch of secondary ips 1to1 natted to internal ips on internal-1

nat works fine external-1 to internal-1

internal-1 traffic to external-1 uses the primary external ip only

how do i get the secondary ips to send traffic out?


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    This should work.
    Make sure that the public IP addr used is not added as a Secondary IP addr on external and is only used for 1 1-to-1 NAT

    If this is the way you have it set up - check the Advanced tab of an outgoing policy for which this doesn't work and look at the 1-to-1 NAT settings. That box should be check marked.

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