Geolocation - Add a Deny Exception

The only GEO Exceptions are allow exceptions.
There should be an option for a Deny exception.

Example - I have found a subnet which Geo shows a DEU but the shows a RU.
Since I want to block all RU IP addrs, there should be a way for me to do this using GEO instead of using Blocked Sites


  • I am not sure what you mean here.. If it its not on the allow list it is automatically denied.. For example, you can't get to my business website (short of using a VPN) because the USA is not ticked to allow access...

    Adrian from Australia

  • Not so.
    An IP addr is only denied if the IP addr is associated with a specific country which is selected to be blocked by a GEO action.
    My goal is to assign a subnet which is not currently associated with a country - such as RU, and have it associated with that country. Then for a GEO action which includes RU, that added subnet would be blocked.
    The advantage of this compared to Blocked Sites is that Blocked Sites will block all access to/from a subnet, but one can have different GEO actions, some of which might not have RU blocked.

  • An example of what Bruce said is that I have the USA allowed, Microsoft is in the USA, a subnet was listed in a WHOIS as being USA, but the IPs were in Brazil and got blocked. I added Microsoft domain to my Geo exceptions.

    Gregg Hill

  • Ah.. I see now.. Thanks.. I remember from looking a Dimension that there are a number of stateless IP addresses...

    Adrian from Australia

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