Watchguard T10-D Replacement

Just checking to see if anyone knows what will be replacing the T10-D firewall.
I know you can replace the standard T10 or T10W with the new T15 firewalls but the T10-D had built in ADSL/VDSL abilities and this looks to have been forgotten about.
Or is this due out at a later date?



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    Daniele_MammanoDaniele_Mammano WatchGuard Representative

    Hello Nigel,

    Thanks for asking.
    The T10-D firewall is the only hardware available with ADSL/VDSL abilities.
    You can trade up as you said to any new firewalls like T15 or T35 or T55, but these have not DSL integration.

    Kindly regards,
    Daniele Mammano | Support Engineer
    WatchGuard Technologies, Inc. | www.watchguard.com

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    Thanks Daniele,
    So Watchguard have no plans moving forward to support ASDL/VDSL in future devices is that correct?



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    edited April 2019

    All you need to do is buy a standard ADSL modem and put it in to bridge mode and connect your new Firebox to the Ethernet ports on the modem. Before they got NBN, we used to set up one of our employees this way using a XTM26.

    Adrian from Australia

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    It does sound like integrated xdsl hardware is going away in the newest products.

    But luckily the workaround is easy since most isp's also supply their own modems that can be put into bridge mode.

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