Cannot make the right interface work.


I have a customer who has two watchguard firewalls to connect their network over a dragonwave wireless link.

Their radios failed and their IT guy messed with the firewalls not realizing the problem was the radios.

I replaced the radio and got the link between the two networks working properly, but I'm struggling with their IP phones.

Site 1

Site 2

On site one 1 have a two routes > >

On Site 2 I have no routes.

Currently I can make the phones work at site 2 through the network but not the network. From the network I can ping the interface on the watchguard but I cannot ping the phone system itself @ From the network I can ping all interfaces and the phone system. Just need it to be on the network where all their phones are.

Thank you for any help.


  • If you use WSM Policy Manager to make changes and you have File -> Save -> "Always create a backup" selcted, then you will have a backup of the config prior to the recent changes, saved to disk.

    "On site one 1 have a two routes > >"

    Try changing these to: > >

  • Thanks for the feedback, and I'm now saving a backup every time. Unfortunately the link goes completely down when I set the gateway to

  • What firewall and firmware do you have? If you're lucky, you have a combo that does auto-backups. Open Policy Manager and go to File > Backup and Restore > then log into the firewall. Does it show any backups saved on the Firebox?

    Gregg Hill

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