DYNDNS configured on interface ETH2 advertising another External Interface


does anyone faced a problem where firewall advertises public ip address from another interface?

Coincidentally, the interface which is not being advertised properly is currently down, interface is not receiving IP address from ISP, but the interface has port link status up.

Rafael da Costa


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    For the record, what XTM version are you running?

    I have not seen anyone post with this issue.
    You should open a support incident on this.

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    11.12 OS, not license and it's an EoL device (XTM330).

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    How are you seeing what eth2 is advertising given that it is not accessible from the Internet?

    Does the other external interface have a static or dynamic IP addr?

    I suppose that this could be a bug in v11.12.

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    I monitor how a device advertises to DYNDNS service, it's like this below

    The wrongly advertise interface is DHCP, its configured DYNDNS is advertising the public address from another interface, a static one, the same shown on the printscreen

    I suppose somehow, since this DHCP is down, traffic coming out from firebox uses other available external links and the misinfo DYNDNS service with the public ip address from an available external link.

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    edited September 2020

    No idea as to why you see this.
    Could be a Traffic Monitor bug which is displaying the incorrect external IP addr being used.

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