Dimensions vs WatchGuard Cloud Visibility

Just a quick clarification, is the WatchGuard Cloud Visibility function that is included with Total Security Suite functionally actually the same as having Dimensions Command installed on a virtual box? Are there any pros of using one or the other?

I have seen that a Data Retention license may be needed to store the log files/analysis.

Thanks as always for any help.


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    It is similar, but not exactly the same.
    With your own Dimension, you can store nearly unlimited data, depending on your VM disk availability - and you can backup existing historical data for possible later restore (re-import).

    For WatchGuard Cloud Visibility:
    You need to purchase a data retention license to keep more that 30 days of data.
    The log search function is different and takes some getting used to to find the correct keyword to use to find the log records that you want to see.
    If the Internet is down, then the cloud won't get the log records.

    There has not been major additions to Dimension in a fair while, whereas WatchGuard Cloud Visibility seems to be getting much more attention

    I use both, but I tend to go to Dimension more often than I go to the Cloud.

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    Very helpful. Thank you.

    I see the cost of the data retention licence is £415 pa for an M200 (and no cheaper over three years) which seem to be a high cost for storage in this day and age.

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    The other shortcoming with Dimension Cloud is that you can't drill down to the detail in the Policy Map, which is essential for troubleshooting policy-related problems (e.g. unhandled Internal packet errors).

    Adrian from Australia

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