Routing traffic on Multi-wan by source network

Hi all,
I have a Firebox with two ISP and two different networks configured.
What I want is route all the external traffic from the first LAN (ex: to the first External interface/ISP (ex., and the same for the second network (ex. going out through the second External/ISP (ex.

How can I configure it?
It's not about SD-WAN, I simply want to "split" my Firebox to use two different networks/ISP.
Thank you in advance!


  • SD-WAN is the way to do this.

    You create 2 SD-WAN actions -1 with external1 first & external2 second.
    And the other with those reversed.
    Then you need outgoing policies for each of the 2 subnets & apply the appropriate SD-WAN action.

  • Thank you Bruce_Briggs,
    I will try!

  • Hi,
    I have a question about the Multi-WAN configuration while using this setting, should it be set on Failover or Routing Table? Or it doesn't matter?

    What I want is to route all the traffic as said unless there is a problem with one WAN: in this case all the traffic should pass over the available WAN, from both the Internal subnets, so I suppose the setting is Failover.
    Is it correct?

  • Routing Table seems like a good option here

  • Hi, I confirm that this setting worked like a charm!
    Thank you very much

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