Watch guard SSL Proxy Certificate broken after Recent forced Windows 2016 Windows update


Was hit by a unexpected Windows Update last night which looks to have borked my watchguard SSL HTTPS proxy certificate (was manually installed in the windows certificate database)

Other machines in the network still seem ok.

Anyone else seen this, and have any ideas?

PS.. I've reinstalled the certifcate without any change




  • Please ignore this (was sitting in Drafts for the last few days). Watchguard support is looking into fixing so I can post without have to wait 3+ for approval..

    Aside: Issue righted itself after a bit.
    The machine was in "You need to activate due to hardware missmatch" (had just swapped out a Raid6 for a raid10 SSD just after the update kicked in on shutdown). I gave the machine unrestricted HTTPS packet filter access and restarted, and the it started working again (not sure why) But all good.


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